Hasparlak Çelik San. Tic. A.Ş.

HASPARLAK Cold Finishing Center operates with the philosophy of being an internationally approved bright steel manufacturer and meets bright steel requirements in the sectors its serving. Products which are manufactured in HASPARLAK Cold Finishing Center are used in various sectors such as automotive, household appliances, machinery, aviation, defense and petroleum industry.

HASPARLAK, which has one of Europe’s most modern facilities, is among Europe’s noted companies regarding cold drawing lines continuous systems and crack testing on the line.

HASPARLAK has a production capacity of 170.000 tons per year. Various continuous cold processes such as peeling, grinding, shot blasting, cold drawing, coil drawing, chamfering and crack control are carried out and with integrated crack control lines. Cold drawn coils, cold drawn bars, grinded and peeled bars can also be delivered %100 crack tested based on client demands. Our company, manufactures HASOTOMAT branded round and hexagonal free cutting steels along with HASPARLAK branded carbon and alloy steel products.

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